Monday, July 10, 2017

Final Year !

Done with Forensics , Anesthesiology , Ophthalmology and Community Medicine !
4 departments left and I can't wait to leave this place. 
*Gaining Strength*

1st year Clerkship

21 January 2016 
1st day of Junior year Clerkship
things are tough, tiring, exhausting yet can't get any more interesting than this.
Two years more for the title.

Radiology , Dermatovenerology , Psychiatry , Clinical Pathology , Internal Medicine, Medicl Rehabilitation , Paediatrics , Neurology , Cardiology and Pulomonology .
Another 8 Departments left


Degree of Medicine 
Class of 0'16
Still need to finish another two years of clerkship before the official title.

Before Clinicals

Hosp Kajang Clinical Attachment

Bira trip

Community Service

Research Paper

Aussie trip

These pictures were taken on 2015 before I proceed to the next stage of my medical school journey .
Got my research submitted and completed my community service in rural part of south sulawesi for 3 months. Life is good. 

Microbiology Assistant Class of 0'12