Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Fashion tips for a men that has an extra luggage~ :)

  • wear V-NECKS! It makes u look smaller! present illusion of a smaller neckline!
  •  Go for lightweight fabrics! made by thin materials
  • Choose a vertical sripes!! Avoid Horizontal stripe!
  • Choose cloth that fit u comfortably not too tight not too loose!
  • Avoid bright colours and bold pattern!
  • If u in a medium size...go for skinny! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion Fabulous

These are some of the basic fashion tips for skinny men
  • Don't wear slimy fit.It will make u look skinner.
  • Don't buy any jeans that are too elastic.Stop wearing large top.
  • If you want to wear jackets.Make sure it is all right under you ass.A shorter jacket would emphasize your size.
  • Go find straight cutting jeans.It will make you look clasic.
  • If you want to wear blazer.Wear blazer with small shoulder padding ok
That's all for today! : )! 5 easy fashion tips!

'Perfect' Monday

The noise that woke me up today wasn't the alarm,but perhaps a thought or maybe a single sight of imagination.
It's HOPE.I squinted at the clock at it was 5.30 am in the morning.yea~
I'm very excited as my besties, khai and nazrin would come and stay at my house tomorrow.So I figured, that I have/must clean up the room and make the floor as dazzle as it supposed to be.So, I woke up early in the morning full with an energetic aura bursting out from everywhere.Perfect Monday to clean and get clean?
I started my day with "sembahyang subuh" then watching TV3 news and bla bla bla.
I swept the floor and did a lot of cleaning and laughing.But suddenly the phone rang as I picked up and I heard that puny feeble somehow husky voice.It was Nazrin and he told me something that makes my spirit a lil bit  washy ,turn to pale as a zombie.he said " farid,khai x bole dtg la.huhuh.."
haih.xpelah khai..Hope your sister cepat smbuh ok~
but anyway.hello..nazrin still coming~so it's ok.
I'm finishing my Monday by reading,taking pictures,Eating,Watching The curious case of Benjamin Button and read the "Smart Casual" novel~
YEA.Another Paused.
No jogging today as the DUGONG fell asleep~huh~
DUGONG I hope You read my post~ agagaagg~
*I enjoyed my day by taking some pictures of my cat posing like a full time model.
*Renovated my room(so called interior designer)
*Swept the floor
*Reading novel
*Benjamin Button ( It's a good movie,a good story.I wished it was a true story.An interesting tale that teach us about the oddness of life )
* eating (I ate a lot) Nasi lemak +Nasi lemak + nasi ayam
Today's photos


Friday, December 17, 2010


 This is just pathetic~sadistic~  
FROM MPP PAGE in facebook(dinner dean's list album)

Ok lets hear the situation and recall.First of all what did you said when someone asking u something that is really solid or obvious and it's very obvious that everyone should know the answer but yet she is still questioning with a lil bit taste of jealousy and annoying~
well I answered with an honest answer that can be answered by a single normal angel guy.
All I did or said was true AND suddenly she got pissed off by my statement of reply and said harsh things like
"MPP X BESH" ,,,,"jawab la btol2"..,"kenapa nak jawab kasar2","bdak gemok"......
hey girl, You had asked and I gave u the correct answer! so u should just thanked~
Maybe u just love or desperate for an attention .I don't know.the MPP's page are visited by almost 2000 students.That's wat I called cheap popularity.Maybe U have some stupid syndrome that needs a really huge attention by evryone around u.or maybe u just simply a LOSER.SO please go and just disappear.
Take care of your own stinky arse~
Your vague mind does not interest me at all.

:D! "Suka" aku bila ada org mcm ney!
Aleen...ko nak kutuk ak xpe la kan..Jangan nak kutuk fizikal orang la.ko tuh kurus sgt ke.ak tgk mata sepet ja~ lawa sgt!~~
jumpa la nex sem~ ak nak tgk betapa lawanya kau!
by the way..u r just being's ok..lets be frens ok  
or just stay away...Malas ak nak layan org cmney
: )
people always talk so lets give them something to talk about.
like I said.Ak x penah pun ckp diri ak bagus.yang ko nak terasa apsal.Ak dah malas nak fikir pasal orang laen.owh anyway skunk ko nak ckp ak x professional la pe la kan..ahahha.
this is my blog.Suka ak la nak wat pe2.
ak bukan skit hati ke ape.ak just nak tunjuk that ader jugak org cmney kat dunia.
this is my routine.tell my story to jangan terasa lebey.owh sory..pathetic loser always feels envy and mad.I'm sorry for you dear. muahxxx! xoxoxoxxo!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


On Thursday I've decided to go to sunway with nana,dada and ijen.hah!
Typical day at sunway.people walking and shopping.
These were some of  fortunate and unfortunate event that happened on that day~

 Ice skating!
It was so fun watching people fell on the ice,bumped to each other and there were so many funny scene~
ahahahahahh! The most funniest thing was when ader sorunk girl ney.JATUH depan aku.Sujud dan menggelunsur terlanggar dinding~ I cannot stop laughing like crazy~ ahahahh!
and she was like
"I'm okay,I'm ok,please don't look at me"
ahahaahah! sorry ok! My brain cannot stop itself to send impulse all round the laughing area(stomach,mouth)
Lucky for ijen.she got to "cuci mata"
melihat hot stuff ber ice skating..for me
nope.maybe not today~ hah!

After nana and dada puas skates~

ok THIS is so funny! ahahah!
ini lah akibatnya jika kita membeli di watson laen dan pergi ke watson lagi satu dan terlupa untuk mencabut bar code yang sekeping keras tuh.Your expression akan cuak serta merta apabila tiang itu berbunyi "buzz buzz!" and abg arab guard menerjah anda! wow! : )...menandakan anda mencuri sesuatu walhal dalam hati "ak ader ke curi brg?mane ader,.ak x curik...nak balek umah! huuhu"
believe me I've seen one...muka happy berubah menjadi mcm org yang ader sembelit..ahahahah!

comel!!!! Candy shop!

Stopped by at the Popeye and chicken rice shop bodoh!I'm never going to eat at the sunway's chicken rice shop.bad service + x reti buat air.sial~
going back home.starts the car engine at 6.20 p.m and arrived at the destination(home) at 8.30 about traffic jammed~sumpah horror!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Contest MImik muka menarik

                                      Contest MImik muka menarik


Yep..It was a good jogging! again!
ahahah..all these picture were taken on wednesday using my new DSLR KOKO(birthday gift/my new BF).
aha! konon2 nak jogging la..skali.....hahah!....jogging 10 minit tercungap2 kehausan..tangkap gamba lebeyh.....lemak2 sudah bergelora......haahahh! ader muke terkejot dan sebagainya.
lot of unique and exquisite expression
Angst filled,happy,excited,terrified,serious,craziness,hyper,frisky...
This is the face.Face that somehow explain people's emotion.face without words.Just expression.
besa2 kan la nye pic tuh.hhihiih..(farah hardi suh ak masuk)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday celebration 2

My super huge Birthday card!!!!! hehehe..thanks to my family!

 Baskin Robin Ice cream cake!! thanks kakna and kakg!
 Liyana's key chain from singapore

 Choc cake + Vanilla cream + Ice cream + Strawberry + TWO nice t-shirt + birthday bash at bukit ampang
with nana,ijen,ati and alia!! thanks babe! muahxx!

 DSLR!! COCO! MUAHXX! thanks mom!
Converse bag! : )

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating Birthday part 1

These are the photos that had been captured one day before my bday~
haha!..Thanks babe for the great moment!
I've been kidnapped !

Choc cake! : )

Strawberries + vanilla cream!!!


Koko : )

Meet my  new gay partner

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glad : )

AS usual.After a good jogging I went home and sat on the bed ,switch on the laptop and log in into facebook.daaa~
hahahaha.Then Aiman IM me through the facebook tiny cute chatbox."Farid dah check result?"
then I answered "dah boleh bukak ke?!!"
and he  was like "yea ,do u want me to check yours"
agagaggaagga! I cannot barely breath~ and that was it.I gave him my id and student number~
waiting~waiting~waiting~ OMG!
YEP! It gave me a goose bumps! My veins pulsate faster! MY brain starts to gave me a millions of questionnaire.My hearts slowly or irritatingly thumped with an unrecognized motion.
"Farid congrats ko dpt dean's list agy"!!!
and I was so shocked! I didn't believe him at all!
yep pathetic farid.! agagagaga.
then.I tried to check it on my sis laptop and yep.My result.It appeared ,just with one simple clicks and there it was.My dream and hopes.Thanks Ya Allah!!!!! Alhamdulillah!! 
Dean's List : ).
"FARID you're still competing in WHO's going to be the Roslan's(MY DAD) first doctor"
I'm so glad that many of my junior and beloved friends have managed themselves to get a dean's list~
and who those yang maintain.cngrats!
sape2 yang menurun ..jangan risau...I pun penah turun waktu sem 2...korunk boleh naek balek ok!!!!
I'm so glad.Just x puas hati.ARGHH! why I got A for all the tough subjects but not for english ! shit.
wat the heck.This is the first time I got B for english! 
careless Farid.huh.
maybe semester 3 memang susah pun! carry mark rendah and
kene buat RESEARCH PAPER! so It doesn't matter if you're excellent or not.
To get A in  BEL 311 you must be good in making an excellent research paper.

Alhamdulillah I got 3.87 : D!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just sad

Yep.I got it
More depressed ,tension ,stress & less friends and study sorunk2 lost entah kemana sebab sume kwn ak dok luar + gy kelas sorunk2 and makan sorunk~
DSLR  pun xdew sape nak belikan.
kete pun xdew.

you can check yours 
at the student portal>ehep system>server 1>permohonan menduduki kolej>semakan

Monday, December 6, 2010


SOME of the "behavior" that should not be capture on your wedding day
 Talk about a murder after the wedding! that would be a huge divorces! : D!

 Imperfectly Future husband : )

touched!! Man always filled with emotions! Do you want some candies??

 That's what we called a cinderella and her little "fairies"~

wow it would be really cool to frame this picture in "my perfect wedding day"

Sumber gambar:

The next Journey

The Islamic New year ( رأس السنة الهجريةRas as-Sana al-Hijreya) is the day that marks the beginning of a new Islamic Calendar year, and is the day on which the year count is incremented.The first day of the year is observed on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic Calendar.
For me this is the new beginning.The next book,new books.New Journey of this life.
 This is the date of with respect to the Gregorian(nowadays) calendar.
Islamic calendar is shorter 11 to 14 days than the Gregorian calendar.

I hope I can be a better person this New year.Ya Allah thanks.Alhamdullilah.
I'm living in a wonderful and exquisite world.

DUP dap DUP dap

As usual.I woke up at 6.30 a.m.
Brush my teeth,shower and solat.
At 7.30 a.m Alia called and she asked whether are we going for a jog or not.
and I told her to called izreen and at 8.00 a.m there she was at the compound of the petronas waiting for me
as I'm preparing myself ,wore my PEPSI outfitters T-shirt and track suit.
We then, went to Alia house to picked her up.
Stop by at the 7-Eleven to buy mineral water.
bla bla bla bla..a lot of chatting,gossiping and laughing!
I felt Healthy.haahaha~ That sounds very funny.
Then I went home.Sleep and woke up at 5.30 p.m as I realized that today's date is 6 December!
and SNAP! That was it.
The result would be announce in just 4 days! OMG! It creeps me out.
argh! Its strikes straight ahead to my heart as the neurons give a lil bit of shocked to the brain and the whole system itself! My heart beat faster everyday!
Yea.It gave me a goose bumps~
Hopes for the Dean's list.
: (

 I tried to click on the link and yep it;s still the same.Your examination result slip is not open and bla bla bla bla......agagagag! just wait! I hate waiting!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So called Particular

This world full of haters.It's true.
I saw it.Today.Just now.
Perhaps people do said that they are so particular that they can see the slightest mistakes or even an error in that particular notes,picture or whatever.
But in second thought don't you think that they're actually kind of annoying when they gives you a talk about people should not makes mistakes and bla bla bla bla.'s called Typing error dumbass! daaa~ 
so please don't gives an "advices".so called "advices".well.more like a talk on how to" manage ourselves"!
For the record, we do know how to manage our own company.
anyway thanks for that particular advices. : ).I know you're actually a particular person that loves to stalk others pages or pictures and "accidentally" search all the mistakes that some particular person had made.
It's true,people always search for mistakes in some particular works but they don't even care to seek beauty in it.
I just love the cliche "Don't judge a book by its cover"
ouh anyway..this is just my point of view.
nak ckp ngan ak english lak.ckp pun x btol.
english ak pun sucks la
.bahasa melayu sudah.
kalu SAPE2 nak terasa ke ape ke.lantak kau la.
do i care? no.
asalkan aku happy. : D
You know wat.
"People always talk,so let's give them something to talk about" - Lady Gaga

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

To you my dear

A girl who lacks of beauty is the girl who need the most attention,especially from guys.(Athira Halim,2010) : )

This is for the girl that annoyed you nana. 

nana u lagy hot dari move on!.live your life!I pray for your happiness darling!
You are a smart girl! make a right decision.hihi.

muahxxx! XOXOXOX! : D