Thursday, December 16, 2010


On Thursday I've decided to go to sunway with nana,dada and ijen.hah!
Typical day at sunway.people walking and shopping.
These were some of  fortunate and unfortunate event that happened on that day~

 Ice skating!
It was so fun watching people fell on the ice,bumped to each other and there were so many funny scene~
ahahahahahh! The most funniest thing was when ader sorunk girl ney.JATUH depan aku.Sujud dan menggelunsur terlanggar dinding~ I cannot stop laughing like crazy~ ahahahh!
and she was like
"I'm okay,I'm ok,please don't look at me"
ahahaahah! sorry ok! My brain cannot stop itself to send impulse all round the laughing area(stomach,mouth)
Lucky for ijen.she got to "cuci mata"
melihat hot stuff ber ice skating..for me
nope.maybe not today~ hah!

After nana and dada puas skates~

ok THIS is so funny! ahahah!
ini lah akibatnya jika kita membeli di watson laen dan pergi ke watson lagi satu dan terlupa untuk mencabut bar code yang sekeping keras tuh.Your expression akan cuak serta merta apabila tiang itu berbunyi "buzz buzz!" and abg arab guard menerjah anda! wow! : )...menandakan anda mencuri sesuatu walhal dalam hati "ak ader ke curi brg?mane ader,.ak x curik...nak balek umah! huuhu"
believe me I've seen one...muka happy berubah menjadi mcm org yang ader sembelit..ahahahah!

comel!!!! Candy shop!

Stopped by at the Popeye and chicken rice shop bodoh!I'm never going to eat at the sunway's chicken rice shop.bad service + x reti buat air.sial~
going back home.starts the car engine at 6.20 p.m and arrived at the destination(home) at 8.30 about traffic jammed~sumpah horror!

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