Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion Fabulous

These are some of the basic fashion tips for skinny men
  • Don't wear slimy fit.It will make u look skinner.
  • Don't buy any jeans that are too elastic.Stop wearing large top.
  • If you want to wear jackets.Make sure it is all right under you ass.A shorter jacket would emphasize your size.
  • Go find straight cutting jeans.It will make you look clasic.
  • If you want to wear blazer.Wear blazer with small shoulder padding ok
That's all for today! : )! 5 easy fashion tips!


  1. uols..besh la uols bt entry psl fashion. tp blh x uols bt entry psl fashion utk org size X-plus? cm size iols. mesti lebih interesting blog uols :)

  2. Senior! ahaaa thank you!
    nak tips lagi lagi lagi. hahaha