Thursday, April 26, 2012

The D

  yeah. it was 12.13 a.m and my heart accelerated constantly  making an involuntary action by its own. POUNDING. waiting the exact moment to configure my next move towards the other phase in my life. THE EXAMINATION RESULT OF MY SEMESTER 6 IN MY DIPLOMA! heart began to rage and throb as my chest began to go into a strong spasm. My limp hands lays on the touch pad of my laptop. I had to see it. I needed it. This is the reality. My ultimate goal? is to? triumph over my self-consciousness and fail paranoia. The battle was long,exhausting and this is it. the complete , overall performance. as i dragged the cursor to the email that i just received i began to wonder all the consequences . yep. CLICK~ and that was it. My eyes were fixated at the subject grade one by one. at last~ not as i expected. alhamdulillah. I finish my diploma! and officially off from those journey in uitm negeri ssembilan. thank you Allah S.WT,mom,dad,sis,friends,lecturers and lovers~ all of you. I'm relieved. and to the next journey. 

yep.bersyukur even though x ANC sbb sem 2 x dekan but im glad. tamat with anugerah dekan.alhamdulillah

degree options :

  • Medical Doctor (Universitas hasanuddin) INDONESIA
  • Bachelor in Dietitics (UiTM)
  • Bachelor in Veterinar (UMK)
   amin! :)