Sunday, September 30, 2012

the 4th week

Blurry.Absurd.Dark and Twisty
This lazy evening accompanied by a terrible grumbling from the antrum of my stomach running through with an abnormal periltalsis. I got food poisoning. they were my new bestfriend last week. Vomitting,nausea,fever and hectiness..but Alhamdulillah
after 4 days of MC.. I'm completely fine.
This is my 4th week being a medical student at Universitas Hasanuddin and still ...I'm so depress,...only god knows how depress I am, I may look happy outside but deep inside I feel like I've fell into the ground beaten endlessly trying to stand up ...but yes I'll stay strong.
I want to do this and I must survive this.
I need my strength ,this is my time yet there are so little time left, I need to move fast and quckly run,need to catch those heavy knowledge.
 mid EXAM next week and the final exam is just ahead from the corner .
wish and pray well for me.
that's all.
Assalamualaikum,goodbye and Thank you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st year . stranger. Malaysian . UNHAS . Medicine

its been a while since my last post.
I'm super duper busy these days with all the assignments,lab reports, ORIENTATION(pengkaderan) assignments, classes and blablabla..
hectic year ever. 2012. 
and my life began, 1st year med school.
Frankly speaking, it sucks, My ship is sinking,, slowly .I can barely breath ...
finishing our continuous assignments everyday...
That's what the seniors said.
and yes I just realized the meaning and aware of that words.
it's not literally an advice,, it's a warning
yeah this is the hidden definition of it.
class start at 7 a.m and finish at 5.00 p.m
life here is very tough and unpredictable,, the toughest phase in my life so far. 
I'm still adapting with my surroundings
I hope I can survive this. InsyaAllah.
our 2nd week of lecture and there are so many to ingest.
Biochemistry.Physiology.Anatomy & Histology
we already learn about infusion and all the stuffs related to medicine, and it seems to move in a fast mode and I really need to be active to catch up....
there is only one thing that hold myself here,,learning medicine..yeah.. and I'm glad..
that's all
and we are going to enter muscoskeletal block by next week.
can't wait for cardio! :)
wish me all the best and pray for my greatness & prosperity. Assalamualaikum.

ps; I miss my beloved Malaysia. :(