Sunday, September 30, 2012

the 4th week

Blurry.Absurd.Dark and Twisty
This lazy evening accompanied by a terrible grumbling from the antrum of my stomach running through with an abnormal periltalsis. I got food poisoning. they were my new bestfriend last week. Vomitting,nausea,fever and hectiness..but Alhamdulillah
after 4 days of MC.. I'm completely fine.
This is my 4th week being a medical student at Universitas Hasanuddin and still ...I'm so depress,...only god knows how depress I am, I may look happy outside but deep inside I feel like I've fell into the ground beaten endlessly trying to stand up ...but yes I'll stay strong.
I want to do this and I must survive this.
I need my strength ,this is my time yet there are so little time left, I need to move fast and quckly run,need to catch those heavy knowledge.
 mid EXAM next week and the final exam is just ahead from the corner .
wish and pray well for me.
that's all.
Assalamualaikum,goodbye and Thank you?

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