Saturday, November 10, 2012

The latest

meet mr.guyton 

ammar and nafis :)

 my hostel..rusunawa...its located just 100 metres from my faculty :)
my weekends were filled with these "stuffs"

in the class....

this is like a small village located at the back of my hostel...
funny isn't it? we have village here in our campus
well,some of the indonesians
pemasangan ECG
meet your inter class..fer..
amir and fathin!
our beloved hostel :)
ma comfy queen size bed

back view of our hostel :)

must have! histology book.

another rusuns!

anatomy assignemnts...neuropsychiatry

my beloved food hunters team...on our way to the steak house :)

Losari beach

machet sekali deh..(machet) means traffic jammed the faculty

"sucess is not a final,, failure is not a fatal
it is the courage to continue that counts
winston churchill once said that and that's what keeping me here.
yeah, its been 3 months++ already since we started our first lecture here.well.....what can i say? Its tough. yeah, words cannot describe my journey but let me put it into one simple word. TOUGH?
as usual we need to wake up at four for subuh prayer and class will start at 7.50 a.m,,and last at 5p.m...and we need to sit for our test for like almost everyday and what make it worst is that we need to pass the test to go into the labs,and wanna hear good news? you have to get 80% and above to pass the not kidding...our life continue as in we are all in one big pyramid and we are at the bottom of the medical food chain which label us as mahasiswa baru...smallest planktons in big ocean ready to be eaten alive......sort like a competition ...u need to be clever to survive ..well,,,i still have this food poisoning running through my bowel on and off..whatever,whatver,whatever..welll.....i got nothing much to say...I really hope we'll survive this semester 1, Biomedic 1 block has already ended.
respiratory ,musculosceletal,cardiovascular
and next would be BIOMEDIC 2 block
consists of
neuropsychiatry,gastroeterology,reproductive,endocrine systems.
mid exam : december and final exam is on january!
and yeah,,i really really hope our KITAS siap at that time, so we can have our semester holiday at home! amin!! anyway anyway...teett...
I dont have anything to write anymore
just enjoy the pictures.
so long everyone. last photo for today...
ma lab coat and things that I need to carry EVERYDAY while in our biomedic 1 block...
stethoscope, color pencils,  practical book, gloves , identification card, test hammer~
and yes 9 cm width sobotta text book for anatomy lab~

*damn! I miss home, my Malaysia*

Sunday, September 30, 2012

the 4th week

Blurry.Absurd.Dark and Twisty
This lazy evening accompanied by a terrible grumbling from the antrum of my stomach running through with an abnormal periltalsis. I got food poisoning. they were my new bestfriend last week. Vomitting,nausea,fever and hectiness..but Alhamdulillah
after 4 days of MC.. I'm completely fine.
This is my 4th week being a medical student at Universitas Hasanuddin and still ...I'm so depress,...only god knows how depress I am, I may look happy outside but deep inside I feel like I've fell into the ground beaten endlessly trying to stand up ...but yes I'll stay strong.
I want to do this and I must survive this.
I need my strength ,this is my time yet there are so little time left, I need to move fast and quckly run,need to catch those heavy knowledge.
 mid EXAM next week and the final exam is just ahead from the corner .
wish and pray well for me.
that's all.
Assalamualaikum,goodbye and Thank you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

1st year . stranger. Malaysian . UNHAS . Medicine

its been a while since my last post.
I'm super duper busy these days with all the assignments,lab reports, ORIENTATION(pengkaderan) assignments, classes and blablabla..
hectic year ever. 2012. 
and my life began, 1st year med school.
Frankly speaking, it sucks, My ship is sinking,, slowly .I can barely breath ...
finishing our continuous assignments everyday...
That's what the seniors said.
and yes I just realized the meaning and aware of that words.
it's not literally an advice,, it's a warning
yeah this is the hidden definition of it.
class start at 7 a.m and finish at 5.00 p.m
life here is very tough and unpredictable,, the toughest phase in my life so far. 
I'm still adapting with my surroundings
I hope I can survive this. InsyaAllah.
our 2nd week of lecture and there are so many to ingest.
Biochemistry.Physiology.Anatomy & Histology
we already learn about infusion and all the stuffs related to medicine, and it seems to move in a fast mode and I really need to be active to catch up....
there is only one thing that hold myself here,,learning medicine..yeah.. and I'm glad..
that's all
and we are going to enter muscoskeletal block by next week.
can't wait for cardio! :)
wish me all the best and pray for my greatness & prosperity. Assalamualaikum.

ps; I miss my beloved Malaysia. :(

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eid Limited

it's a vague picture of me standing there with no feelings
at seems like a dark space full with candles but presence,,
... but then i realized
all I can see was me~my very own body.. a stiff one
wrinkles and smile? ..
 still in Indonesia
and this is not a dream.  

finally after a full month of fasting
and yes. Alhamdulillah
1st of syawal we celebrate.
This year was different..yes..different from my previous experiences of celebrating raya 
 this year I had to celebrate my 1st of syawal in this own land of Makassar.
Being a stranger is one thing but far away from my family has tremendously affected my view about almost everything. Staying here,? feelings and thoughts?.
I realized that I became more grateful and modest.
How was it?
My first of syawal?
yeah it's okay and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.
The cheers and all the joyous moment we had.
washing the dishes together and playing fireworks.
the camera flashes , laughing and smiles.
everything seems perfect.
PERFECT? nope. OKAY? yes
whatever it is, Malaysia is always the best.
so these are some of the pictures for all of you
enjoy? nahhh...

location ; aula
tempat pengumpulan peajar-pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia

Our pre lebaran photoshoot.. front view of our faculty.

18 august 2012..before raya!

AJK beli barang yang bertungkus lumus memerah santan.

what with the mask? its called quality control!
terbaik from AJK BELI BARANG! ;P

YUMMY! kalau ada rasa masin2 tu tgn saya lah yg perah santan tu ;p!

My first attempt to make lemangs! what a great experience~

Raya's eve!
Thanks to all the seniors! 

Bunga api time!!

kat sini mana2 pun boleh main mercun okay. kau mampu?!

1st of syawal!! :)
solat raya! comment??..makan je la.
all guys!

US :)

muahx! these are my lights~

ouh,ouh,,one more thing
for your information kat indonesia raya dia simple2 je. selalunya after tengah hari syawal dh x sambut raya dah..malaysia je lebih2 raya sebulan..hihi..but whatever it is.. I miss Malaysia so damn much!
and kalau nak tgk lebih just click the link below okay..