Thursday, November 3, 2011

cleared moment

Question whirled around my mind and I was confused and anxious. I dragged myself towards the wide screen of the ACER laptop of mine wondering what might happen and what should I do if the nightmares become true. FULLSTOP. no. "It will not" literally my mouth spoke rather than my mind.
so, approximately on 2.31 a.m, there was a message sent to my very inbox~ it was from the university and yep.....that was it. the result examination of my semester 5.
As I dragged the pointer towards the inbox my heart was racing faster and i got sweat all around my neck and bare hands. 
yep! the moment of clarity
remember when people always say that"expect the unexpected"
well frankly speaking this semester result is still beyond my expectations . thank you ALLAH S.W.T :)
Freakingly amazed, I actually got an A for my Internet programming *javascript yang mcm hell, Organic chem and Human biology! hihi!
HOPE FOR 4.00.. aminn :)...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the on going assessment

It's depressing to think that someone could condense their entire existence into a mere hundred words. but what's more stodgy is that it takes just a few sentenced fragments to describe what I do for this semester break.
I eat.I sleep. I shop.I jog.
That's all!!!
it was fun but however most of the time I spent my holiday watching a full season of SUPERNATURAL,ONE TREE HILL,BONES. 
to be perfectly frank, I doubt the story of my life (in the sem break) would inspire anyone any time soon, unless for some reason they needed an inspiration to be boring! 
anyway 2 days ago I went to pavillion with izzi, zach and alia did some shopping and gossipping~ haha! it was really great until I had to sent izzi home at 1.10 a.m and got lost on my way back home! SUCKS! THAT WAS A really UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT of all my life!
 it supposed to be FROM SHAH ALAM TO PUTRAJAYA  but then
what the fuck was that and i was ALL by myslef at that particular period figuring the road back to putrajaya had to called my dad and abg shah and eventually i got home by 4.30 a.m!!.... about bad luck!
the final result announcement WOULD BE ANNOUNCED soon or shall i say just straight ahead the corner and i have a very bad feeling about this one.huh whatever it is am just going to accept it and move on! arghhhhhh!
BE THAT as it may,however, I'm still having fun!!!... accompanied by a few of my great friends, sure we may not party past 3 a.m like some wild people but we do have our own fun right? hihi! well..good luck TO ME and have a safe and great holiday!
ouh2 i forgot, i had to postponed my vacay to korea TO THIS DECEMBER
22 december - 28 december WE GO !
izzi and zach :)

 alia!! :)