Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the on going assessment

It's depressing to think that someone could condense their entire existence into a mere hundred words. but what's more stodgy is that it takes just a few sentenced fragments to describe what I do for this semester break.
I eat.I sleep. I shop.I jog.
That's all!!!
it was fun but however most of the time I spent my holiday watching a full season of SUPERNATURAL,ONE TREE HILL,BONES. 
to be perfectly frank, I doubt the story of my life (in the sem break) would inspire anyone any time soon, unless for some reason they needed an inspiration to be boring! 
anyway 2 days ago I went to pavillion with izzi, zach and alia did some shopping and gossipping~ haha! it was really great until I had to sent izzi home at 1.10 a.m and got lost on my way back home! SUCKS! THAT WAS A really UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT of all my life!
 it supposed to be FROM SHAH ALAM TO PUTRAJAYA  but then
what the fuck was that and i was ALL by myslef at that particular period figuring the road back to putrajaya had to called my dad and abg shah and eventually i got home by 4.30 a.m!!.... .huhuhhuh.talk about bad luck!
the final result announcement WOULD BE ANNOUNCED soon or shall i say just straight ahead the corner and i have a very bad feeling about this one.huh whatever it is am just going to accept it and move on! arghhhhhh!
BE THAT as it may,however, I'm still having fun!!!... accompanied by a few of my great friends, sure we may not party past 3 a.m like some wild people but we do have our own fun right? hihi! well..good luck TO ME and have a safe and great holiday!
ouh2 i forgot, i had to postponed my vacay to korea TO THIS DECEMBER
22 december - 28 december WE GO !
izzi and zach :)

 alia!! :)

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