Wednesday, June 4, 2014

of panic attack & hot air (photos)

Of panic attack & hot air

Hey guys, its been like forever since my last post , sorry for the delay, am just too "busy" and unmotivated to login into my account these days, so yeah, I'm glad to say that i've passed all the main subjects for this semester and will proceed into my third year in med school this August ! yeay me. So this is a lil bit of what I had experienced in these last few months in my 4th semester .. some pictures and one hell of an experience !

"The patient need to be circumcised right away ! Here's your chance farid"  ,the 4th year senior said, well , I had never done one before . "gulp", so this is it , my first time as an operator to perform a normal circumcision , an outpatient surgery, merely a skilled "doctor" , It was my 3rd week in the urogenitalia block and they expect me to be skilled enough to perform this "complex" procedure on this tiny kid , with my own bare hands~ I'll be damned, sweat running through my skin mucosa as it evaporated into the thin warm air , I tried to tell myself ,my first real procedure as an operator, the one who construct , handle everything from the first move until the finishing line, I got myself 2 assistant to assist my "mini" surgery,  my patient is about 7 years old, a small kid with a condition called phimosis, first I explained to his mother that I would "cut" the skin off her child penis while he was in his bed, laying him out flat, numbing up a spot around his genitals and start to cut off the skin and make a fine sutures around his penis. Simple ! as informed consent is really important ,I told that everything is going to be alright, nor did i say how tricky the procedure would be, There would be a lil bit of risks involved such as bleeding or maybe an infection or deformity but don't worry ma'am in experienced hands the errors may not occur ! , but of course deep down in my heart , the words keep repeating itself "mine were not experienced hands and I may cut this child penis into half and make him infertile for the whole time of his life" ! So I started to prepare all the instruments and drugs , and first thing first is to block the superficial nerve of the genitals I had seen kal el do the procedure twice , and I'd attended to every step. The degree , the locations and the techniques, go with a 30 degrees angle from above the pubis then pushed the needle in almost the way , once you have the tip of the needle poking in the layer of the skin u need to slowly inject the lidocaine into the nerve and everything went perfectly well until the penis starts to bleed heavily when I started to cut off the skin of the genital, I was panicking and everything seems so blur , all the theories i had learned in the lectures were gone ! I got confused , tachycardia takes place ,and thank god kak el was there , she guided me through every steps ,take a deep breathe in and out , "farid, keep calm and start to make a knot around his vein to stop the bleeding" !,, using the clamp provided I start to think normal again, i took the trauma pad ,the suture set and perform a fine suture around the bleeding area  , finally the bleeding has gradually stop, after that kak el instruct that I have to make a clean cut off the extra skins and carefully sew the flappy skin up. It took me about 55 mins to complete all the procedures, it was back aching, nerve wrecking  and a lil bit of adrenaline rush. .... Overall, I got to perform 3 of the surgeries that day . Well not everyone appreciates the attractions of doing this kind of procedures especially the one which involves blood and people screaming at ya , but trust me the one thing that you will likely to enjoy when you're medical student is the first time u experiencing the excitement of getting thing rights for the people around you, this mini procedures may be as easy as a piece of cake to the seniors but I'm really glad to be part of the team for this event and I'm sure that i'll be joining this again! yehaaaa~ :D