Sunday, July 31, 2011


IT Was 6.30 P.M and we was still at the bukit putus stuck at the highway~ JAM~
and I was like "8.30 dh start dinner,and I'm the mc tonight and i don't prepare for anything yet"
THEN APPROXIMATELY 7.32.we arrived at Melang Inn HOTEL .Preparing for the dinner at ro0m 403.
huh...and once again The event went well!! It was a great dinner for everyone well,almost everyone~ except for those whose think that they're too classy and famous~ well,quite infamous actually! haha!

 ammar,hanna and pirah :)
 NISSA! :)
 part 5 students!! 1ST BAtch! muahxxx!
 LADY GAGA BLAZER + skinny fit jeans + simple V-neck shirt + red loose shawl :)
with the F! thanks to aizad hassan & bazly bakar teman gy shopping ! ;)!

 My family! muahxxx!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


on the 15 july - 17 july.I went to a wonderful trip(cameron higland & lost world of tambun).it was specially organized by the director of the MDS organization.huuhhu..even though we were stuck at the middle of the highway road for about 2 hours and there were some bad company called ORANG MINYAK! or shall I say A WET BLANKET... we were still having fun there!hihi!...Through all the blows inflited upon the trip fragility,we still not wilt. as roses,, we didn't fall among the bristling undergrowth and join the jealous weeds and timid saplings. We pulled our petals closer and imbue ourselves with the dew of resilience,keeping ourselves apart from them! hoho.
Racist group forever.We are racist as we have our own way of having fun! :)
thanks to those which were a good company of mine! I love all of you! muahxx!

ouh terlupe lak..a hell of experience..terjatuh dlm kolam ikan OR TO BE EXACT... longkang! at the lost WORLD of tambun wIth AIZAD HASSAN! HAHAH! gila malu! sumpah malu~ :P

that haze

Like a nagging toothache,prolong 'smog' does strange and annoying things to me.I have far managed to remain calm and cool,but the prospects of having to wear one of those 'masks' yet again is already making a tremendous impact on me.Few weeks ago I had attended or joined the OPKIM or Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat and it was a terrific nightmare yet aGREAT MOMENT & how was that?
The sweet things were the experiences of having our own keluarga angkat.opah,ummi and atok! hihi...laughing and enjoying with my friENDS..eating and macam macam ada!.well despite of everything...there was still a 'smog' or disturbance...such as..."ketua kampung perempuan yang bossy + serabut"! hah! yep..I have to wear my masks...I've always refrained from making that face(that wearing 'mask' face) having a fake smile doing  works with no enjoyment... it became sucks...the 'smog'(that ketua kampung gila yang bagy orang hilang mood,arah orng suro bersihkan kubur for about 4 hours , kutuk2 uitm,selfish + x pikir about others and serabut..gila punye wonder perempuan x digalakkan jadik pemimpin)....bullshit...well prolonged exposure to smog does strange things to people.maybe the haze will lift or maybe its just a different outlook you get when you close your eyes or the freedom you feel when you open your heart...OK BLA22..
OK THE POINT IS..KITE PERLU BEKERJA SECARA PROFESSIONAL WALAUPUN ADER BANYAK RINTANGAN SEPERTI THAT KETUA KAMPUNG YANG ANNOYING.WELL...EVEN THOUGH she is a wet blanket I'm still was having fun at that OPKIM.alhamdullilah my duty as pengarah progrm OPKIM  fasaa 1 had been done. :).
well sometimes when your eyes cant's see a's time your other senses tell you more .. :)
thannks to evryone yang menjayakan OPKIM NEY! :p
 congkak tradisonal

the gang!
 ok this is funny....kene paksa maen TAKRAW! haha!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ULTRA disaster

   So the other day.I went to afiq's mom workshop and the result was...



Friday, July 1, 2011


Those words describe what happened to me within this whole week!
It was PRETTY or to be exact, HECTIC MOMENT!
In UiTM Kuala Pilah,it should be illegal for student to come out at night after 11 p.m.You'd think that living as a university student ,it might be worthwhile to go outside and have an overnight with your friends until morning.Honestly? Unless you're a homeless bottom sore loser(that was what shereen said to me) ,there's really no need. haha!
so the adventure began and we had fun~
That tuesday & thursday night.we went out and many things had happened.
Chaos + Hectic!
On tuesday , I,alia roszali,afiq hasnur,aizad hassan,Jehan,salman rabun & aizuddin mustafa went to Port dickson,Malacca,Seremban and Pilah~these are some of the pictures that were being taken on that day~

Actually at first,we were just going to watch TRANSFORMER at seremban 2~ but then as the tickest was SOLD OUT! *serious shit.WE DECIDED TO make a 'wrong turn'  TO PORT DICKSON,but then again,Port dickson SUCKS !so MALACCA WE GO!:D! we came back to kuala pilah at approximately 7.31 a.m and had arrived at 9.20 a.m. :)