Monday, July 18, 2011

that haze

Like a nagging toothache,prolong 'smog' does strange and annoying things to me.I have far managed to remain calm and cool,but the prospects of having to wear one of those 'masks' yet again is already making a tremendous impact on me.Few weeks ago I had attended or joined the OPKIM or Operasi Khidmat Masyarakat and it was a terrific nightmare yet aGREAT MOMENT & how was that?
The sweet things were the experiences of having our own keluarga angkat.opah,ummi and atok! hihi...laughing and enjoying with my friENDS..eating and macam macam ada!.well despite of everything...there was still a 'smog' or disturbance...such as..."ketua kampung perempuan yang bossy + serabut"! hah! yep..I have to wear my masks...I've always refrained from making that face(that wearing 'mask' face) having a fake smile doing  works with no enjoyment... it became sucks...the 'smog'(that ketua kampung gila yang bagy orang hilang mood,arah orng suro bersihkan kubur for about 4 hours , kutuk2 uitm,selfish + x pikir about others and serabut..gila punye wonder perempuan x digalakkan jadik pemimpin)....bullshit...well prolonged exposure to smog does strange things to people.maybe the haze will lift or maybe its just a different outlook you get when you close your eyes or the freedom you feel when you open your heart...OK BLA22..
OK THE POINT IS..KITE PERLU BEKERJA SECARA PROFESSIONAL WALAUPUN ADER BANYAK RINTANGAN SEPERTI THAT KETUA KAMPUNG YANG ANNOYING.WELL...EVEN THOUGH she is a wet blanket I'm still was having fun at that OPKIM.alhamdullilah my duty as pengarah progrm OPKIM  fasaa 1 had been done. :).
well sometimes when your eyes cant's see a's time your other senses tell you more .. :)
thannks to evryone yang menjayakan OPKIM NEY! :p
 congkak tradisonal

the gang!
 ok this is funny....kene paksa maen TAKRAW! haha!


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