Monday, July 18, 2011


on the 15 july - 17 july.I went to a wonderful trip(cameron higland & lost world of tambun).it was specially organized by the director of the MDS organization.huuhhu..even though we were stuck at the middle of the highway road for about 2 hours and there were some bad company called ORANG MINYAK! or shall I say A WET BLANKET... we were still having fun there!hihi!...Through all the blows inflited upon the trip fragility,we still not wilt. as roses,, we didn't fall among the bristling undergrowth and join the jealous weeds and timid saplings. We pulled our petals closer and imbue ourselves with the dew of resilience,keeping ourselves apart from them! hoho.
Racist group forever.We are racist as we have our own way of having fun! :)
thanks to those which were a good company of mine! I love all of you! muahxx!

ouh terlupe lak..a hell of experience..terjatuh dlm kolam ikan OR TO BE EXACT... longkang! at the lost WORLD of tambun wIth AIZAD HASSAN! HAHAH! gila malu! sumpah malu~ :P

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