Friday, October 29, 2010

this morning

It's Saturday
I have CTU ( Science & Technology in Islam) examination this 2 P:M
I woke up this morning : anxious and nervous
as usual revised all the chapter
Ya ALLAH S.W.T  please help me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't you dare

Fuck it.
and fuck.
That's why I love to blogging. I can curse and I can let Out my feelings.
Yep TEPAT 1.08 a:m...there was this girl name IZATI SIMAA.
She added me and I approved her *It's rare for me to approved unknown people
AND 15 minutes later she posted something on her wall .
this is her sentence
"To mr ff......xyah la nak terima2 kasih..ak lepas ney nak removed ko....ak saje addd ko nak tgk kejakunan ko A.K.A kampung...and bla bla bla."
I meaN what is my fault.
Is she like insulting me.and 10  minutes later she removed me form her friends.
talk bout poor bitch.
.sudala junior..maw carik gado...haahahhahah.
U r going to meet with yur worst nightmare ~ haahahah.
tanhniah 1st junior carik pasal dengan ak! : D!
I can do things beyond yur literal imagination darl.
watch out ok.dont ya mess with me.
I'm psycho 
muahxx! see ya babe~ XOXOXXO
; )  

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Opportunities do come but rarely and unless one is wakeful to cash in,life continue to be a bore.People who take such opportunities become successful in life.I am one of the unfortunate ones who have lost opportunities.I used to be a matriculation students and would had further my study in degree at the age of 19 .but I quit and gave up and now I'm stuck in this program AS 120 Suffocation became reality as i struggled to make the best performances to place myself into a good degree program, I hope so.But still,,,,I've lost the opportunities.I'm doing great in semester 1 but my pointer drop  during  the semester 2.
It's very difficult for me to concentrate in my studies while having so many problems.
But I know life always have its up and down and I have to accept it as a human being.
Now I'm standing still in the semester 3 trying to comprehend what is my previous mistakes.
What is my mistakes? what I did wrong?
Maybe its just a matter of luck.
well some people maybe said that my result is ok and not bad at all.pftt...
but I don't want ok.I want excellent.
I'm normal enough that sometimes I think my presence is useless and I just should die and gone
Dark and Twisty Farid
Time is ticking.
The final exam just straight ahead the corner
another 5 days.
I'm completely nervous and my expectation is high.
I will try.
I will continue.

Muhammad Farid
4.34 a:m

Thursday, October 14, 2010

That Thursday

Today is a sad day.
dreary day.
 My soul cries a whole dam whenever I think of it.Perhaps the best I can do is erase all the picture of #$%@ in my memory and let its fade away.Yep.But I know deep inside my clueless heart you are still there and Its hard to comprehend my mind without the direction of my heart.I'm still waiting but I know you won't be there.I'm sorry for blaming you and I'm sorry that I don't even try to clear the vague of our bond.I'm hurt and it's my own fault.
_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
forgive me and let me go :' (
10.44 p:M
Farid Roslan

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RM 90.00 Pizza

Tied my shoelace in a double knot and stepped out of the house .
Looked at the skies.A breeze swept through while waiting for ijen to fetch me up at my house.yep. 
that sunny sunday~.went out for PIZZA!
yEP Satisfied and full.
Muahxxx to ichi and ijen.
Nanty belanje I lak K.


Dear,Farid fischer pekerjaan yang paling sesuai dengan anda ialah pelacur : o  ???? WTF~...stupid applications~
this is the last quiz in this semester
I'm very lazy.
I can't barely read The Physical Chem notes.
watever it takes~
I'm going to take the quiz
and will concentrate on the Final exam
13 oct : 8.00 a:m
: )

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The room

This is the place where I cry,sleep,gossip,study,having a fight with my roommates and the place where completely 100% a lunatic and happy young person lives in his semester 3.SP1-2611.
Yep an apartment concept with 3 cozy room 6 beds + 2 beds at the hall and 2 toilet and 1 shower.SIMPLE and NICE.
but the complicated things are the people inside it.Zhafri with his weird sense of humour,Haziq with his abg macho style(ahaks)or perhaps it is a robot style,Fahmi the good boy,Leman(the hideous roommates),EHSAN,  "abg Azam" the most excellent coverina live on earth~
Jejaka Lombok.
As saying goes Durians smell awful but they taste heavenly.They are 'hell on the inside and heaven on the inside'.well eventhough we always had an argue about almost everything but there are some qualities that we have.A relationship and a BOND.We never know a person until we live with them~ yep AGREE.
but I still didn't agree about the sleep talking things.My roommates got issues~sometimes while he asleep he said" tgk perempuan yang pakai baju kebaya warna merah yang berdiri dekat almari tuh" WTH+ BULLSHIT is he talking about~ shit.Splendid.Just what I need.some perempuan with baju kebaya merah standing at the closet watching me studying~ hell yeah! : P
anyway.I will give them the title of the Coolest Housemates Ever!


Saya Sayang Mereka! : D
muahhxx! xoxoxoxo!


The synopsis of a sorority
This is my clique.This is my friends.This is my sweetheart.This is my enemies.This is my brothers.This is my blood tie.
I remember when I used to walk with four or five of my closest friends.WE'd pop to the cafe for some snacks.WE'd then goes into Khai's room eating,drinking and pouring our souls out to each other.Those were great times,when we could talk about our dreams,hopes,love and plenty of other stuff that didn't really matter.
We are all comes form different family background,characteristics and some sort of weird mental problems.But we understand each other easily with some dreary and frisky time~From the first time I saw them I knew we are born to be together. YEP. A crazy,gloomy,happy new friends with some sort of weird mental problems and most important;y they are same as me in a way that regular people cannot describe.


Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Bitches : )

This is not about me,but its about them(My new girlfriends) : ).They are unique,exquisite and special.Starting with DS1B1,we are all know in DS3CI (Semester 3).People say individuality is all that matters,but they don't know the loneliness,the feeling of being excluded and left out,they don't know how it is like when they are alone and everyone is a voice against them.When there is no one to turn help and advice,the pressure to fit in can be overwhelming.Thanks to god,luckily I met them. : ).I don't need to fit in and  need to worry about problems because I have them.they give me my personality,they makes me happy and most importantly they are all crazy and insane! the coolest classmates ever that I've to call them (The new bitches) girls that rocks my life and give me the idea of happiness and sad.Love u babes! Muahhx!



One step ahead

The beginning 
My eyes are fixated ,the same way there were twelve years ago,on the television gazing happily and enjoying the cartoons.It's often time like these that I let myself drift upon waves of sweet memories.Perhaps it's hard to understand that I'm nearly a grown up 19 years old teenagers.I am at age where I am stuck in transition between the innocence of childhood and the harsh realities of an adulthood.PATHETIC.Now I'm standing here in the new era of my age.My university life at UiTM Negeri Sembilan.New friends.New life.New responsibilities.New clique and New me : )
yep I'm going to become stronger than before.BYE-BYE childhood-high school drama.I'm now one step ahead to fulfill my ambition.To be a doctor.
*Currently in Semester 3  : )

The Delusional Boy

            *Close my eyes and recall a time that has passed.This is a story about Muhammad Farid bin Roslan.It began about 19 years ago,on the 11th December 1991.It was a joyous occasion for my parents Roslan bin haji Husin and Hamidah bt Abdul Hamid.I guess so??..I'm a premature baby and my mother was in labour with me for almost 10 hours and she has never let me forget that.
  Let me tell you a little something about myself.I am a lot of things.I am a son,a brother,a student and a friend.Taking Diploma in Science at UiTM Negeri Sembilan currently staying in Putrajaya/Melaka and I'm a perfectly 'normal' kid.I've got everything going for me.I'm not doing badly in school/universities.I'm happy and only need to achieve my finale,my goal then I'll die.Well I'm sarcastic,unrealistic and sadistic.I admit it,sometimes or most of the times I can be really annoying ,I'm sorry for that.It's just me.I'm a loud person,I love to speak out me. U can ask my friends~ they know me very 'well'.Well.
          I'm still lost and my identities is still vague.But there are three things that I'm perfectly sure about myself .First , I love to smiles as it is a surefire way to get people attention. Secondly,I hate snob~no one likes an arrogant person who lords her supposed superiority over others. and i hate people that thinks they are so good looking but the truth is,not all of us were equally blessed with good looks,brain,athletic prowess or wealth~ so juz keep it yurself ok and five words "I hate a wet blanket" and hate something that is too cliche~ I hate the words "Procrastination" but I love the idea of it
Anyway I dun care , for me life was a different word,from a different dicitionary and from a different dimension that teach us everything about how to survive and fall  : )

ps*sorry for the bad english : p.see ya later on the next post~ : )