Friday, October 8, 2010

The Delusional Boy

            *Close my eyes and recall a time that has passed.This is a story about Muhammad Farid bin Roslan.It began about 19 years ago,on the 11th December 1991.It was a joyous occasion for my parents Roslan bin haji Husin and Hamidah bt Abdul Hamid.I guess so??..I'm a premature baby and my mother was in labour with me for almost 10 hours and she has never let me forget that.
  Let me tell you a little something about myself.I am a lot of things.I am a son,a brother,a student and a friend.Taking Diploma in Science at UiTM Negeri Sembilan currently staying in Putrajaya/Melaka and I'm a perfectly 'normal' kid.I've got everything going for me.I'm not doing badly in school/universities.I'm happy and only need to achieve my finale,my goal then I'll die.Well I'm sarcastic,unrealistic and sadistic.I admit it,sometimes or most of the times I can be really annoying ,I'm sorry for that.It's just me.I'm a loud person,I love to speak out me. U can ask my friends~ they know me very 'well'.Well.
          I'm still lost and my identities is still vague.But there are three things that I'm perfectly sure about myself .First , I love to smiles as it is a surefire way to get people attention. Secondly,I hate snob~no one likes an arrogant person who lords her supposed superiority over others. and i hate people that thinks they are so good looking but the truth is,not all of us were equally blessed with good looks,brain,athletic prowess or wealth~ so juz keep it yurself ok and five words "I hate a wet blanket" and hate something that is too cliche~ I hate the words "Procrastination" but I love the idea of it
Anyway I dun care , for me life was a different word,from a different dicitionary and from a different dimension that teach us everything about how to survive and fall  : )

ps*sorry for the bad english : p.see ya later on the next post~ : )

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