Thursday, October 21, 2010


Opportunities do come but rarely and unless one is wakeful to cash in,life continue to be a bore.People who take such opportunities become successful in life.I am one of the unfortunate ones who have lost opportunities.I used to be a matriculation students and would had further my study in degree at the age of 19 .but I quit and gave up and now I'm stuck in this program AS 120 Suffocation became reality as i struggled to make the best performances to place myself into a good degree program, I hope so.But still,,,,I've lost the opportunities.I'm doing great in semester 1 but my pointer drop  during  the semester 2.
It's very difficult for me to concentrate in my studies while having so many problems.
But I know life always have its up and down and I have to accept it as a human being.
Now I'm standing still in the semester 3 trying to comprehend what is my previous mistakes.
What is my mistakes? what I did wrong?
Maybe its just a matter of luck.
well some people maybe said that my result is ok and not bad at all.pftt...
but I don't want ok.I want excellent.
I'm normal enough that sometimes I think my presence is useless and I just should die and gone
Dark and Twisty Farid
Time is ticking.
The final exam just straight ahead the corner
another 5 days.
I'm completely nervous and my expectation is high.
I will try.
I will continue.

Muhammad Farid
4.34 a:m

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