Saturday, October 9, 2010

The room

This is the place where I cry,sleep,gossip,study,having a fight with my roommates and the place where completely 100% a lunatic and happy young person lives in his semester 3.SP1-2611.
Yep an apartment concept with 3 cozy room 6 beds + 2 beds at the hall and 2 toilet and 1 shower.SIMPLE and NICE.
but the complicated things are the people inside it.Zhafri with his weird sense of humour,Haziq with his abg macho style(ahaks)or perhaps it is a robot style,Fahmi the good boy,Leman(the hideous roommates),EHSAN,  "abg Azam" the most excellent coverina live on earth~
Jejaka Lombok.
As saying goes Durians smell awful but they taste heavenly.They are 'hell on the inside and heaven on the inside'.well eventhough we always had an argue about almost everything but there are some qualities that we have.A relationship and a BOND.We never know a person until we live with them~ yep AGREE.
but I still didn't agree about the sleep talking things.My roommates got issues~sometimes while he asleep he said" tgk perempuan yang pakai baju kebaya warna merah yang berdiri dekat almari tuh" WTH+ BULLSHIT is he talking about~ shit.Splendid.Just what I need.some perempuan with baju kebaya merah standing at the closet watching me studying~ hell yeah! : P
anyway.I will give them the title of the Coolest Housemates Ever!

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