Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't you dare

Fuck it.
and fuck.
That's why I love to blogging. I can curse and I can let Out my feelings.
Yep TEPAT 1.08 a:m...there was this girl name IZATI SIMAA.
She added me and I approved her *It's rare for me to approved unknown people
AND 15 minutes later she posted something on her wall .
this is her sentence
"To mr ff......xyah la nak terima2 kasih..ak lepas ney nak removed ko....ak saje addd ko nak tgk kejakunan ko A.K.A kampung...and bla bla bla."
I meaN what is my fault.
Is she like insulting me.and 10  minutes later she removed me form her friends.
talk bout poor bitch.
.sudala junior..maw carik gado...haahahhahah.
U r going to meet with yur worst nightmare ~ haahahah.
tanhniah 1st junior carik pasal dengan ak! : D!
I can do things beyond yur literal imagination darl.
watch out ok.dont ya mess with me.
I'm psycho 
muahxx! see ya babe~ XOXOXXO
; )  

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