Friday, August 12, 2011

of secrets and sorority

Have you ever been annoyed, say, when you're having a group discussion or gosip2 time and this person with you is intermittenly glancing at her/his phone ,so where is your presence? perhaps I'm currently in that kind of condition. I've lost my presence amongst people. Not exactly the kind of a physical presence but emotional.
I hate to admit it but I'm more lonely than I ever imagined.

Well.Lot of issues came out this week. The week of gloomy. I'm still having mucus in my nose running freely affecting my breathing mechanism a lil bit.Muscle ache and depression.I don't care about that much. But the things that I hate the most  are conflicts and conspiracies~ Well trying  to be special or different can be an obsession for those who I think less fortunate than us. I myself have tried but it I've failed .
Lots of " mengumpat"~Hearing people keep talking about you in a bad way may hurt you a lil bit and when it became worst it may affect your emotion.Yeah I know People always talk and lets give them something to talk about.Believe me when people are talking bad about you continuously it cause an irritation.Maybe it's true that I'm the black sheep but I wonder if I'm the black sheep what makes you~ tHInk about it.but whatever I've lost my enthusiasm about it. I'm the BLACK SHEEP

And what about him.yea you.I'm talking about you.Yea SELFISHNESS~ 
MAYBE it was only a  false alarm or perhaps I'm just too lame for you.
Anyway this week I had joined  my friends had their sahur at the mcd and these are some of the pictures that had been captured on that day~

Well "everything is fine". but yea.