Friday, July 1, 2011


Those words describe what happened to me within this whole week!
It was PRETTY or to be exact, HECTIC MOMENT!
In UiTM Kuala Pilah,it should be illegal for student to come out at night after 11 p.m.You'd think that living as a university student ,it might be worthwhile to go outside and have an overnight with your friends until morning.Honestly? Unless you're a homeless bottom sore loser(that was what shereen said to me) ,there's really no need. haha!
so the adventure began and we had fun~
That tuesday & thursday night.we went out and many things had happened.
Chaos + Hectic!
On tuesday , I,alia roszali,afiq hasnur,aizad hassan,Jehan,salman rabun & aizuddin mustafa went to Port dickson,Malacca,Seremban and Pilah~these are some of the pictures that were being taken on that day~

Actually at first,we were just going to watch TRANSFORMER at seremban 2~ but then as the tickest was SOLD OUT! *serious shit.WE DECIDED TO make a 'wrong turn'  TO PORT DICKSON,but then again,Port dickson SUCKS !so MALACCA WE GO!:D! we came back to kuala pilah at approximately 7.31 a.m and had arrived at 9.20 a.m. :)

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