Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GOOD lies

The thing about a good lie is that it should always be based in some of the truth. That way,we can always justify to ourselves as being partially true and not a complete LIAR of all the LIES that we had speaks.
YEP.that's what we called life.It happened to me in these past few weeks.Had joined some activities such as MDS (Minggu Destini Siswa) as a Pemimpin Mahasiswa.Gave me new running experiences that teach me how to still smiling and stand up proud in any kind of problems that I have encounter.that's total partially a good lie.Well a good lie is not just from our mouth but somehow,it comes out as a feeling or maybe emotions. ok what about the 'Program Baktisiswa Integriti bersama anak2 yatim'??.That was a goosebumps or perhaps it was a challenge.

or shall I says "ACID & BASE" That words describe the situation.As calm as we can see,acid and base actually fighting with each other to reach its optimum PH value(Neutral).Who're more powerful to release all the ions and win ~ yep~Even though there was a moment of confused hesitation.The situation was cleared and I had learned something from it.Thank You.

Whatever it is,Now I'm currently in my semester 5.FINAL YEAR! 
hope for the best.hope i could be the fine result in my family.One more steps in becoming a doctor? or maybe not but i'll try :).well afternoon came quickly,considering I didn't have much morning because it's already 11 a.m approximately I think I would like to finish this post by some of the pictures that I had taken past few weeks :).ENJOY.

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