Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the break

The holiday or semester break is stuffed to bursting with questions people ask me.
For instance, how is your life? how was the final exams? how are you doing? what semester are you in right now? bla bla bla bla bla bla......

had done my MUET speaking~ haha~ it was so blurry and vague. I was just start talking about sex education and bla bla bla...!!! well i didn't conclude the conclusion at the individual section and at the group discussion I can barely heard what the other candidates were saying as they all being MUTED for the entire session, and it took me 10 minutes to speak about the sex education!!well, I mean what the heck man...I was seriously not prepared for that kind of situation.well it's my fault, had skipped every MUET practice class! hah!.Whatever it is, hope for the band 4 at least~ at least I've done my best~  huh..
To be frank,I think,I hate the semester break even though I know that,deeply in my logical geometric brain." I'm  seriously enjoying it."
thought of going to jog , but still not starting it yet~
well,finishing my semester break by going out to the movies,eating, sleeping during the day, clubbing during the night??*not exactly,reading novels,watching's' supernatural,bones,grey's anatomy and waiting for the exam result......and bla bla bla... well..i don't think i would hold the dean's list scroll for this semester .. i mean, i'm screwed! whatever it is, strive for the semester 6.. daa~ anyway
..i had captured some pictures FOR The past 2 weekS..
had the meatballs with sophie and marlene at the ikea

 alia :)

but seriously, I'm totally broke! i had used all my money on the garden,chilis,IKEA MEATBALLS,movies,nichi,ice room and mcdonald! agagagaggaag~
okay that's all for today. well..i know .lame! WHATEVER BASTARD :)

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