Thursday, December 2, 2010

So called Particular

This world full of haters.It's true.
I saw it.Today.Just now.
Perhaps people do said that they are so particular that they can see the slightest mistakes or even an error in that particular notes,picture or whatever.
But in second thought don't you think that they're actually kind of annoying when they gives you a talk about people should not makes mistakes and bla bla bla bla.'s called Typing error dumbass! daaa~ 
so please don't gives an "advices".so called "advices".well.more like a talk on how to" manage ourselves"!
For the record, we do know how to manage our own company.
anyway thanks for that particular advices. : ).I know you're actually a particular person that loves to stalk others pages or pictures and "accidentally" search all the mistakes that some particular person had made.
It's true,people always search for mistakes in some particular works but they don't even care to seek beauty in it.
I just love the cliche "Don't judge a book by its cover"
ouh anyway..this is just my point of view.
nak ckp ngan ak english lak.ckp pun x btol.
english ak pun sucks la
.bahasa melayu sudah.
kalu SAPE2 nak terasa ke ape ke.lantak kau la.
do i care? no.
asalkan aku happy. : D
You know wat.
"People always talk,so let's give them something to talk about" - Lady Gaga

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