Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glad : )

AS usual.After a good jogging I went home and sat on the bed ,switch on the laptop and log in into facebook.daaa~
hahahaha.Then Aiman IM me through the facebook tiny cute chatbox."Farid dah check result?"
then I answered "dah boleh bukak ke?!!"
and he  was like "yea ,do u want me to check yours"
agagaggaagga! I cannot barely breath~ and that was it.I gave him my id and student number~
waiting~waiting~waiting~ OMG!
YEP! It gave me a goose bumps! My veins pulsate faster! MY brain starts to gave me a millions of questionnaire.My hearts slowly or irritatingly thumped with an unrecognized motion.
"Farid congrats ko dpt dean's list agy"!!!
and I was so shocked! I didn't believe him at all!
yep pathetic farid.! agagagaga.
then.I tried to check it on my sis laptop and yep.My result.It appeared ,just with one simple clicks and there it was.My dream and hopes.Thanks Ya Allah!!!!! Alhamdulillah!! 
Dean's List : ).
"FARID you're still competing in WHO's going to be the Roslan's(MY DAD) first doctor"
I'm so glad that many of my junior and beloved friends have managed themselves to get a dean's list~
and who those yang maintain.cngrats!
sape2 yang menurun ..jangan risau...I pun penah turun waktu sem 2...korunk boleh naek balek ok!!!!
I'm so glad.Just x puas hati.ARGHH! why I got A for all the tough subjects but not for english ! shit.
wat the heck.This is the first time I got B for english! 
careless Farid.huh.
maybe semester 3 memang susah pun! carry mark rendah and
kene buat RESEARCH PAPER! so It doesn't matter if you're excellent or not.
To get A in  BEL 311 you must be good in making an excellent research paper.

Alhamdulillah I got 3.87 : D!


  1. gempak la weyh.....congrats....=)

  2. Salam. Tahniah!!
    eh amek 5subject je?
    ouh HBU dah takde eh?
    ouhh yela korang budak bio tak amek phy dah.
    ump. anyway, TABIKKK u sbb maths A+!!

  3. hehe.thanks korunk,!! : )!..
    faris...I MPP pengecualian kredit lew...uhhuuhhuhuuhhu~~~~~~