Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love in the eye of "evil"

Well it's true."A girl can be really smart until they meet a man".It's just sound perfectly right.
That's true.I've seen it AND it's my dear friends.
I don't know why.I respected all woman in this world.They can take care of 10 children at a times,can carry almost 10kg of weight during pregnancy.BUT 1 things that can destroy them.
This is their weaknesses,charming man that light up only 30% of their life.Rich.Sweet talk.A good night wish before going to sleep,a lil bit of over protective,a lot of flowers or presents, plays guitar..a good singer.a good looking and maybe a good shoulder to cry body
that's it! and that can makes woman go crazy all over a man.
but for man.They can find a new girl at any time.Just use the same technique and in a short period love began~or they can even recouple with the same girls again~
so called "true love"
This is happening.... to 80% of girls in the world.This is just not right.True love should be  flawless and immortal.hah.To all the girls,please don't be a fools.for all the broken hearted ,move on and live your life.You're a firework.please do give the world a lil bit of your sparks
please be smart.choose your guys with brain and hearts.
: )

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