Monday, December 20, 2010

'Perfect' Monday

The noise that woke me up today wasn't the alarm,but perhaps a thought or maybe a single sight of imagination.
It's HOPE.I squinted at the clock at it was 5.30 am in the morning.yea~
I'm very excited as my besties, khai and nazrin would come and stay at my house tomorrow.So I figured, that I have/must clean up the room and make the floor as dazzle as it supposed to be.So, I woke up early in the morning full with an energetic aura bursting out from everywhere.Perfect Monday to clean and get clean?
I started my day with "sembahyang subuh" then watching TV3 news and bla bla bla.
I swept the floor and did a lot of cleaning and laughing.But suddenly the phone rang as I picked up and I heard that puny feeble somehow husky voice.It was Nazrin and he told me something that makes my spirit a lil bit  washy ,turn to pale as a zombie.he said " farid,khai x bole dtg la.huhuh.."
haih.xpelah khai..Hope your sister cepat smbuh ok~
but anyway.hello..nazrin still coming~so it's ok.
I'm finishing my Monday by reading,taking pictures,Eating,Watching The curious case of Benjamin Button and read the "Smart Casual" novel~
YEA.Another Paused.
No jogging today as the DUGONG fell asleep~huh~
DUGONG I hope You read my post~ agagaagg~
*I enjoyed my day by taking some pictures of my cat posing like a full time model.
*Renovated my room(so called interior designer)
*Swept the floor
*Reading novel
*Benjamin Button ( It's a good movie,a good story.I wished it was a true story.An interesting tale that teach us about the oddness of life )
* eating (I ate a lot) Nasi lemak +Nasi lemak + nasi ayam
Today's photos


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