Friday, December 17, 2010


 This is just pathetic~sadistic~  
FROM MPP PAGE in facebook(dinner dean's list album)

Ok lets hear the situation and recall.First of all what did you said when someone asking u something that is really solid or obvious and it's very obvious that everyone should know the answer but yet she is still questioning with a lil bit taste of jealousy and annoying~
well I answered with an honest answer that can be answered by a single normal angel guy.
All I did or said was true AND suddenly she got pissed off by my statement of reply and said harsh things like
"MPP X BESH" ,,,,"jawab la btol2"..,"kenapa nak jawab kasar2","bdak gemok"......
hey girl, You had asked and I gave u the correct answer! so u should just thanked~
Maybe u just love or desperate for an attention .I don't know.the MPP's page are visited by almost 2000 students.That's wat I called cheap popularity.Maybe U have some stupid syndrome that needs a really huge attention by evryone around u.or maybe u just simply a LOSER.SO please go and just disappear.
Take care of your own stinky arse~
Your vague mind does not interest me at all.

:D! "Suka" aku bila ada org mcm ney!
Aleen...ko nak kutuk ak xpe la kan..Jangan nak kutuk fizikal orang la.ko tuh kurus sgt ke.ak tgk mata sepet ja~ lawa sgt!~~
jumpa la nex sem~ ak nak tgk betapa lawanya kau!
by the way..u r just being's ok..lets be frens ok  
or just stay away...Malas ak nak layan org cmney
: )
people always talk so lets give them something to talk about.
like I said.Ak x penah pun ckp diri ak bagus.yang ko nak terasa apsal.Ak dah malas nak fikir pasal orang laen.owh anyway skunk ko nak ckp ak x professional la pe la kan..ahahha.
this is my blog.Suka ak la nak wat pe2.
ak bukan skit hati ke ape.ak just nak tunjuk that ader jugak org cmney kat dunia.
this is my routine.tell my story to jangan terasa lebey.owh sory..pathetic loser always feels envy and mad.I'm sorry for you dear. muahxxx! xoxoxoxxo!


  1. yea...............I had enough...but lantakla kan~

  2. org sakit otak mcm tu.. jgn di layan..
    dia nye "tutttt" tercepit gamak nye... sabo je la ngan perangai2 manusia gini.. selagi kita di atas... selagi tu ade yang x senang duduk...
    its ok.. tu semua pengalaman hidup untuk menjadikan kita lebih matang

    ~wahhh sendu lak aku kat sini... choii!~