Friday, April 1, 2011

Their Thoughts

The sweet month of APRIL FOOL is here again .
It is 1 april 2011..
and what a gloomy friday..for farid fischer to be exactly.
HAVE YOU EVER been annoyed when you were setting up your alarm 6 times! but still you ended up waking up from sleep wondering if your alarm has been alarming you or not!
yep It me!..I had missed today's lecture ! Overslept~ shit...
CSC TEST??..STUPId or shall I called it,biased! DAMN YOU!huhuu.
I just got 6/10 for the excel test..I mean what the heck.I finished it perfectly! huh! Unfair!
...and how about farid fischer jadik mpp agy??!..i mean it's ok to gossip bad things about me but...when you said I'm gila kuasa or TAMAK OR wateva stop it okay...This is just bullshit.I'm in the MPP again because I want to and because I want to learn something that would bring benefits to me in the future! so please ..If it annoyed you.just keep yourself ok..haters~. I'm tired of satisfying everyone's feelings!...
What I'm trying to say is that we shouldn't confine ourselves because of our own limitations.Not only think outside of the box,we must also learn to live outside it.accept people for what they are.don't insult or rather make a complain about it...It seems that you are at odds of least I'm trying to improve my life.Go to hell ok. : ).
Ok whatever it is, I would let my sorrow move away~
huh...However..I still had some fun and happiness around me :)!
Yesterday I went out with sophie,lisa,yani and khai.
PILAH STREET!.eat eat eat..I felt so happy eating! haha!
I admit it.I always feel hungry! my feeling of hunger is crucial and always unsatisfying..
I live to eat and eat to live? talk about hunger..hah..mee kari..
 me kari  is my favourite food!EVER!! my mom's 'mee kari'! she will cook for me whenver I go home..
but unfortunately I can't go home this weekend as my family 'have' to go to sarawak !! .leaving  me rotten alone in this room.
SP 1 2621(MY COLLEGE).Despite satisfying hunger .. I'm still craving for Mcd and Kenny Rogers!but ,the craving for my 'mom's mee kari' ranks high compared to other food..
agagaagagaga..ok stop talking about food...It makes me even more hungry.... whatever it is..
chill Farid....calm and easy..maybe tomorow is a better day! yep.ENTHUSIASM!
I'm going to seremban tomorow,Karoeke or movie - ing!
I have to admit it.Pilah sucks when it comes to an entertainment.
:).Peace .farid fischer 1 April 2011

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