Wednesday, February 12, 2014

End of the 2nd year (M.D UNHAS)

Well semester 4 has already began,
Currently in the 2nd week of the first block (urogenitalia)
beside that, i'll be facing another two blocks for this semester (gastroenterohepatology and reproductive),
 I guess the lower parts of the human body is kinda complicated and a lil way out of my league, but whatever it is in order to get my M.D title I just need to bear with all of these heavy and complex knowledge of GENITALS and GENITALs and VAH JAY JAY,
when i said Vah jay jay, i really meant it,
every lecture ended by some pictures of infected vagina and penis
inspections and palpations of the penis , scrotum , vagina , anal in clinical skills,
it feels really weird though learning all these stuffs about our genitals and how they will react(respond) just from a single touch?
the other day the doctors instructed us to perform a rectal examination to the mannequin provided , well, FYI , informed consent is very important and a crucial step before we perform any physical examination on patients, so all we need to do is to "ask" the mannequin whether they let us to perform  the rectal exam on them and make sure that the patient or shall I say in this case  the mannequin is well-informed about the procedure . and then we proceed, inserting one finger into the fake rectum(anal) and describe the condition.
to be frank, even though it was only a mannequin, I felt really awkward and somewhat disturbed .
I just can't imagine if it were a real patient(human) back then , I might just puke and literally freak out in front of them . nahhh,,
i'm a "gunner" so yeah, nahhh, i'll be just fine?
I hope so.
anyhow, I always have this feeling or urge to compare myself to others thus,
reading and memorising ! and yes understanding !
I really need to ace my way through this block.
so yes!
I got 2 weeks left before the finals exam !

SO LONG people.


**I'll be at kampung tekalar this weekend for the faculty events!
acara sunat beramai2 and this year is my year! InsyaALLAH i'll be the operator/assistant to perform the ciircumcision !
and i'm sure going to upload all the pictures later
can't wait!

(tenggelamnya kapan van der wijck)

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