Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's okay

"Our women don't go to work,rowing boats into the jungle or paddle down the rapids,it's just for a man, women should concentrate more on sewing,cooking & taking care of their children and husband"
That statements gave me a soreness.well.conceptually.
This is Malaysia.We are malaysian.well.
I supposed we just should obey the rules of some close minded community.
yep.today I just want to express my unsatisfaction towards some people.
for some reasons I just hates those people.
for instance : CM (close minded) always assume that fashion or being fashionably is just some piece of trash to a man . and for boys or guys that have a visceral interest in fashion world would  be called..":faggot"
WAT THE HELL..fashion is  a subjective . it's an art . the way you looks shows how commitment you are.
YES,PEOPLE DO, JUDGE A BOOKS BY ITS COVER. no wrong for us. man. to be stylish.
please.change your perception.This kind of ideas and thought give me a.crabby sore.Stop making a wrong perception.and i'm quite sure that there are many wrong perception that they had  made or 'suggest'.but..it would be a decades for me to explain it one by one..hah!.WATEVER..anyway..soryy if my statements makes an indisposition ,offends or watever.I just hate Close minded people.Clear your head up and make sure to remove your "earwax"

This is you.
*sorry for the bad english (my english sucks)

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