Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Real Legacy

yesterday when we were wrapping up the maulidur rasul competition prizes.
With nad,fara,nazureen, aiman.
and "pap".That thought had gave me a shock of an excited adrenaline rush.
I was thinking that we should join the drama competition.Yep.
with all of the sudden, I called Aizad and asked him to searched about our prophet story.
and he suggested that we should make a drama about the Princess Balqis and Prophet Sulaiman.
hah! yep. CHAOS Happened.haha!
the competition started at 9 p.m and we only have 3 hours to prepare!
the results was fine and we did enjoyed our own performance!aha!
ok enough for me.
This is the story about our own prophet.
This is a true story, happened on this very earth long years ago.
The story started when ALLAH S.A.W have granted prophet Sulaiman with a very miraculous gift.Able to speaks to animals,command human and jinn.
One particular day, there was this bird,hoopoe .
It was commanded by Prophet Sulaiman to seek water however , the hoopoe has been wondering in some place and forgot the task that was given to him by prophet Sulaiman.
when prophet Sulaiman founds out that the hoopoe had not obeyed his command.
He was mad and want a valid reason form the hoopoe.
The hoopoe said that he was not be able to obey the command because he founds out that there is this civilization where the princess is so beautiful and rich but their belief are praying to the sun.
Listening so,Prophet Sulaiman wrote a letter and sends it to the princess through the birds.
The princess then had read the letter which was written by prophet Sulaiman.
"In the name of Allah, the most loving and caring, this letter is from me Sulaiman. Do not ever be arrogant towards me or even considered yourself more than me. Come to me in a peaceful surrenderance"

*To be as short as possible.
The princess had came to prophet Sulaiman's castle and found out that the castle was as same as her castle and she was shocked to see that miraculous gift that ALLAH had granted to Prophet Sulaiman.
The princess felt ashamed of herself and said 
"My God, I have made a grave mistake upon myself, and I now surrender myself to you Sulaiman and to Allah, the creator of this Universe", she felt very vulnuerable that almost like crying, but Prophet Sulaiman was a kind man towards her, and gently held her hands while forgiving her"
 and finally the princess and Prophet Sulaiman happily ever after the blessed of ALLAH S.A.W . :).Insyallah. 
selamat menyambut Maulidur Rasul 2011
1 Malaysia , 1 Ummah! 

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