Thursday, December 15, 2011

of rationale and happiness

it was another typically cloudy but hot pilah afternoon. yes the morning haze had burned off, leaving nothing but a totally blue gry sky over my direct head , it didn't lighthen either darken my mood . sad to say. i feel perfectly normal and nothing. yep no drama, at least not a horror one, just a simple comedy of us. this very lest semeste began. my semester 6  as a student of pilahdelphia Uitm ...haha..its already the third week of lecture and there are so many things to do. lab reports,assignments,work proposal,quizes and others. well i really dont want to talk about that..hah....anyway...i just want to say....i feel good right now.... and guess last i got ma tab ! you mom..i'll 100% take care of it!
well throughout the rest of the day im still having fun with all my friends with this on going fever getting on and off inside the pity body of mine. ahax.. whatever it is! im happy !
it has walls , a strong foundation and many differnt rooms, the more deeply the foundation is sunk the stronger the walls are and the more rooms that can be addd on.. and thats what i called self-confidence :)

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