Monday, June 4, 2012


When my mom finally open her mouth and told me to visit the dental clinic and she really meant it.. I touched my nose eight times to the surface of the dinner table. CRAP. yeah . 
swollen gums, tootache, headache.
I've been dealing with them since last month. and its getting bad. yeah. 
"Well?" she asked and raised her faint, penciled eyebrows. "would you go to the dental clinic tomorrow's morning"
I looked down to the floor pretending to examine the fascinating plain tile
so yeah,with a lil bit of regrets and hesitation I said, "okay mom, i'll go"
shit, i had to surrender. have to get over of one of my biggest fear.
so yes I went to the dental clinic and guess what....
by just one single look into my mouth the dentist make me a referral letter to go to the hospital for the dental surgery department!
and yeah I went to the hospital and already make my appointment first dental surgery~
2nd of July . BIG DAY IT IS.\
but "lucky" me I have to postponed my surgery to 25th July
enough said I'm quite nervous and anxious.I hate dentist and I hate dental clinic.
fuck. :)

 so here is my diagnosis.
Impacted third molar teeth.
cause : unknown
treatment : minor surgery (extraction of the lower left third molar by local anesthetic of the alveolar nerve)
:(.I'm completely doomed~