Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Final (11th June 2012)

"farid,farid!" a sweet voice rang in the air,the soft firm tone carried into my external acoustic meatus ,gave a light vibration to my tympanic membrae passing through all the anatomy of my ear. It was my mom..6.30 A.M and,she told me to get ready for the interview and I was like (-___-)!!! shito!. 
yes THE INTERVIEW. that interview. 
Indonesia Medical Programme under the collaboration with UiTM.
anxious and nervous. agagagag..
and guess what...
8.33 A.M I was late! gosh. (at bangunan canseleri UiTM Shah Alam)
I went into the auditorium and jama' was there waving! "farid here! sit"
so I decided to sat beside hanna . and mizah was there too..
there were only 25 of us that day. 8++ from diploma and others from foundation prgramme.
and guess what, only 4 boys were there including myself. talk about extinction! 
so yes I had to attend 2 interviews that day. one with the UiTM board and another one with the indonesians.
It was a 3 days interviews. group 1 on monday, group b on tuesday and so on.
so I'm in the group 1
dr Fauzan said that out of 240++ applicants only 80 were selected to the interview.
well, nothing much to say.
the 1st interview was with the UiTM staffs. 
(dr.Ramlan,Prof hamim and miss I dont remember her name)
all of them are from the faculty of medicine UiTM shah alam.
so it went well but I was a lil bit blur and speechless.
The interviewers barely asked me any question, they just asked me to explain about myself. 
so I have to speak up for the whole 15 minutes without a stop and when I ran out of ideas I came up with the same story all over again...BORING farid! yeah.
(-___-).but anyway it was the end of the interview Dr.ramlan asked me if I had any question so yes I came up with this question,
"when can I get my letter of acceptance"
and he said that I will get it after 2 weeks of the interview so I guess I have to wait. AGAIN!.AGAGAGagagag..

yeah  the 2nd interview went pretty well
 there were many questions asked.
these are some of the questions they asked me during the interview session 

explain yourself?
why do you want to become a doctor?
what do you know about medical?
I'm a smoker for ten years and describe what kind of disease I may have and explain the details?
What do you know about medical ethics?
what do you think about abortion and suicide bomber?
what and how do you know about hasanuddin unversity?

I can say that it was pretty easy but tricky.
and it was quite hard to understand the accent used by the indonesians
but I think I nailed the second interview! yeah! 

*pstt ...thanks yana! my beloved senior, yana also came to the interview~dh mcm kaunter informasi dh kat situ.. hihi..

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