Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Block

 Ah, the Immunology block has just started a  week ago,
and another 1 month for the final exams,UAS,my first clinical exams and my long semester break :)

 Life is free, but it is precious. Perhaps people don't realize this, unless if they are a total snob and couldn't care more to live in this beautiful world. So as I were saying, yeah time is precious, being in my 2nd semester in med school has made me appreciate time more than I did in the past. How fast should we learn, how many pages should we read, do we have to attend the lecture? ,everything must be delegated so that we always head up in front~ yep, As you may observe, this is my schedule for this immuno-hematology block, "packed"!!,,  the lecturer have to finish their lecture in a very super fast mode....we have to memorize all the mechanism of our immunology system, all the pathology conditions that are related to each mechanism, symptoms? which are very difficult to differentiate as almost all diseases has either same symptoms or causes., clinical features,differential diagnosis, treatments, pharmacology and blablablabla, in just 4 weeks and then.."the final exam"..
that's how I live for these past few months, exams exams exams.
Being a medical student would be crazy enough , not to mention being a real "doctor" someday.
It's a familiar but nonetheless scary feeling, this thing called "responsibility"
so yes, being a doctor isn't all about having a lot of money and respects~ we hold to this one big responsibility of saving lives and maintaining people health.
One shot of error : DEAD PEOPLE in our hand. 
Keep calm and be a medical students
Its fun tho? haha!

and I'm really glad to say that my semester two will be ended this June. Can't wait to spend my holiday and Ramadhan at home.
WISH me all the best guys,

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