Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peace as easy

Dad's retirement dinner

That Friday Night.28 january 2011
I went to my dad's retirement dinner.
purpose : to celebrate my dad's retirement : D.
The dinner started AT 8.30 P.M until 11 p.m
I had enjoyed the dinner 
even though the food was not really satiate as it looks
.but I did enjoyed the dinner.
People came and  congratulate?? 
lot of smiles and also hypocrites? hehe.
Fake yep.I replied with a fake smile too..
Adults were everywhere,well...I'm not really good with adults.especially 40 and above; so,
It was hard for me to comprehend their thoughts and ideas
lot of politics conversation,  tettt.........just a pause from me.
luckily  I have kakna besides me
But anyway..It was a great dinner. :)
Thanks to everyone!
my dad(baba) is going to finish his job by this 6 february. more working man.
Now he's getting older and I'm getting older.
no more stupid jokes.
must concentrate in my studies then finish my diploma and degree.

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