Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Speaking

One can recognize a Malaysian quite easily by their way of speaking english.
"Alamak" "lah"... daaa~ Typical Malaysian.
Well ,not all malaysian,but many of them tend to speak what we called "Manglish".
Even I.Muhammad Farid b. Roslan sometimes ..or maybe frequently used/speak MANGLISH.HAHA.
I admit it.That's just our own uniqueness, perhaps the way to differentiates between Malaysian and the other races~
Examples :
"Eh,I forgot to buy food for my sister la"
"Matilah I got D for Calculus"
Just now, a few hours before, I had a short/simple conversation with my friends.I asked him "eh rayuan kolej u dah approved ke blum"
then he replied "I already got the chop for my letter"
haha! daaa~ there it was..the words "CHOP" had been used..
I think it's supposed to be replaced by the words "stamp" or something.I'm not sure, even though it's incorrect  well, we,I ,as a Malaysian do , understand the meaning of the sentences.
see(lihat).Manglish is one of our way of speaking english.
WE just simply cannot delete the character of Malaysian Manglish.It's just our own style.
The Malaysian styles.

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