Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Histamine Reaction

farid : OH! itchiness at the eyes,nose and skin!rashes! why?!

the immune system : oh farid..that was the histamine reaction

farid : wat? wat the hell..what is my fault!?

the immune system : because of the prawn that you had on your lunch just now! dumbass! huh!  go  take   YOUR PILLS NOW! clorphenaramine! now!

farid : wat! hah! that's is not my fault..that's yours! it's not my fault! I have rights! i DONT WANT TO take that..It MAKES me sleepy! huh

the immune system : come on..don't be a whiner

farid : WTF! I mean...this is all your fault...why you make such a reaction.! I want to have a normal life
                   you know!can eat prawn like others! huh!

The immune system : WHATEVER.LOSER

farid : *_*!

the immune system : PATHETIC

 damn~ I think today is not a good day for me~ sigh~ *_*~

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