Monday, March 7, 2011

Last week buzz~

ok.last week sgt kelam kabut.nak heal from ke - busy an Revofiesta.
Ari ney kemas bilik! : D!
last week news :
tutor bio and maths - great as expected
Organic CheMISTRY & Statistics test dpt A- jew.huh..Org laen bole dpt 92.aku x boleh asal?
Malas punya farid.huuhhuhuhu..
Disaman Pak guard~ huh~ *Rambut Panjang?
itu jew~ouh!!!!..yes! huh!
wait I forgot one thing!
Piala Debat Johan is missing!! Shit x?.The exact date is on saturday .5 /3/ 2011~ huh.
I mean.Who's going to steal that plain trophy. argh Please! It is just a trophy.I mean? wat the heck.huh.
But It is missing! huuhhu..This week missions are to find the trophy,study for CSC test & Organic Chemistry & planning my weekends/weekdays perfectly with a pleasant,happy environment.huh. I mean..yep.8.16 p.m
someone had called and are still the same~ watever ok! I had enough from you~~
ok.this is the missing trophy.hah~
please saPE2 yang teramek?.* Or I tersalh letak kew? watever it is. sape2.. pulangkan~
thanks~ gila punya org~

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