Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unrealistic encounter

Dear Journal,
I woke up this morning feeling a lil bit of  a weak enthusiasm as that creepy thought came up into my mind sending all the signals to the chill side of my body.The final exam would be around the corner.
WAKE UP FARID,my mind speaks.yep.but I'm still not in a complete aware of this situation.The playing mode is still in its operation.
Last Night I had studied the organic chemistry.Alkynes.yep but still,, the fog that covered 90% of the faculty of applied science at the campus had make my full curiosity to its incongruity.I cannot stop staring at the window.breathe in the cold,clean air as it may looks by the naked eye. but unfortunately as clean as it appeared to be it was actually as dusty ,impure, and corrupted like a bottle of water that are full with some dingy and smeary particles.yea.CORRUPTED.
hah! Life is full of infamy and inequity.I just have to accept and learn from it.
But whatever it is.I hope I will make it this time.
4.00 :)
wish me luck
Final examination
APRIL 20 2011

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