Thursday, May 3, 2012

The B and S trip

Hello guys, ouh yeah i forgot to tell all of ya about our trip to broga hills (27th of april). yep this picture was taken half an hour before the trip began as izzi and ichi decided to slept at my house. FYI this picture also was taken just exactly after we got home from the cinema watching THE AVENGERS (SUPER FRIGGING AWESOME). AND if you are smart ENOUGH you would say that "we haven't sleep at all before the trip' OKAY WHATEVER. we left the house at about 4.11 a.m.

We went by naqib's car. yeah. I barely open my eyes on our way there as i didn't get enough sleep.
and enough said. BAD LUCKS happened . i mean. stupid mistake.
Torchlight alert! yes. WE forgot to bring our own torchlight. FUCK. 
thank to god.... afiq had bring 2 extra torchlights for us. thank you afiq for your consideration letting us using your bicycle torch :)
so we arrived at the location half an hour later and the journey began.

bla bla bla bla. yea! we arrived at the top of the hills at approximately 5.15.43 a.m! and it was super dark and i have to use my camera flash to find the right spot for us. many people has already arrived too and set up their place waiting for the sun to rise. 

this is not us comparing our amount of "bulu" please don't take it in the wrong way okay.
we were just comparing our skin colors okay! haha! I'm the fairest :p

some minor cuts I got.UGLY scars awaiting!

The crews

Morning sunshine! muahx!

SPECTACULAR VIEW from the top of the hills. and we left the hill at 8.30 a.m! yeay. after we had our breakfast at some random 'kedai mamak' we decided, ouh NOPE! they decided to take their "morning bath" at sungai tekala located at ........ i DONT have any idea where it was.

and fine with that. free nude picture

 Teka la? teka la sungai apa? nope farid it's SUNGAI TEKALA..
 as the journey ended we were pretty much wrecked up and my head went all woozy because of the lack of sleep issue.  yea yea whatever. ......tett...

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