Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Okay okay . just a short writing for today.
so, yesterday we (I, jama') went to bangunan canseleri UiTM Shah Alam as we have to submit  our latest academic transcript for the indonesia medic programme . so yes, we've met en.shah the officer that will take care all of our appications and  also our way to indonesia sooner(amin). huh. and yep i got some really bad news. En.shah told us that there were 130++ applicants that are going to compete with us to get into the programme and most of them came from the foundation programme UiTM and only a few of us from diploma holders.. yea, goosebump! huhu.. so my chances to get into the programme is now just 50%! 
This is the only chance for me to become a doctor and I hope so! I can do this so, from now on I'm going to prepare for the  upcming interview. I'm going to reseacrh all the infos about the univerity, the R&D and also about global disease and everything. I have to win the panels heart and minds to get into this programme!


  1. hoho...x sure la..en shah cakap 100 lebih x taw bape byk...nervous gak nak interview nanti..blom lagi interview..huhu...en shah cakap maybe indoensia tambah kuota but diorunk pn x sure lagi..huhuhuhhuh