Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cool and Hardcore

I don't know why I started today's post with an "aha".hihi.But I feel so excited to talk about this topic!
Last week I went to the cinema and watch my favourite fantasy film called
Harry Potter and the deathly hallows
daa~ what more can it be. 9 out of ten for the rating! yep!
hardcore and a lil bit rush of adrenalin! love this film so much! 
Even though there are so many scenes of "naked harry potter" but I survive from getting a heart I think that is not a burden to see him naked! aha!but sort of annoying.
Whatever it is!
I just love Hermonie Granger!,Doby! and of course Luna lovegood.hihi
I love the scenes ! new spells! and everything kind of explodes and firing! and it was awesome!
and there are also some sad scenes that touched my heart and all the audiences ah! 
U just should watch it ok: D
Now I'm sounded   like a freak who really loves to watch fantasy films.
No I DONT THINk SO OKAY! * I don't like to watch Star Wars!
ak bukan suka tengok itu and maen2 dengan kawan ak itu and itu! 
okay aku tetiba ecited.sorry~ ahahahaah~
Sad scenes! ;' (!
I wanna cry!! 
omg now I'm BEING sarcastic
 This is what I;m talking about
naked Harry!!
I guess he's getting an extra paid in this scenes..hehe
bogel2 lagy ..wah2! daapat duet lebeyh nak support adek dier blaja u! wah! : D
ok.what is this! hot scenes! agagagaag!
gila gila gila!
sorry this is just for fun.ahahha!but kind of funny!
bottom harry and top draco gone a lil bit of an extra spells! ahaahahah!

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