Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rain to stop and Sun to walk

The sun rested lightly on tanned arms,gleaming the rooftops and peaks of trees.It was late in the evening and the only  sounds I could hear or I wanted to hear were the mellifluous chirping of birds,the whoosh of a car on the empty road,and the thud thud sound my shoes made.The sun decided to to peek in,, left all the stars,cloud to be gloom with was a good with my closest friends.Running,walking and a lot of gossiping.It was fun and calm.The sky turns to a lil bit of dreary,give sign to the grass and earth.Rainbow turns out and it started to drop."pluck" "pluck" the rain drop one by one.feel the air.A breeze swept through .Yep it was a good evening jogging.

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