Thursday, November 11, 2010


I've change my layout and I love it.from now on 
 I'm going to have a colourful life and live happily ever after!
*the end*
wait is not the end.this is not the reality.happy ending does not exist.
seriously.the reality is we r going to get through a lot of things.difficult things.
this is what we called LIFE.
its never been is not something that ended in a lovely happy ending story.
it will just keep continue and it depends on us how to manage it.some may ended it by suicide ,some by happiness.
It's just a story with no ending.We just pass a new shadow.shadow by shadow.
 and when the sun shines,it would be a clearer new story.
not an ending.It's just the beginning to another new story and new challenges. is depend on what is the reaction and action that we it is not a happy ending,it is a long journey that teach us how to survive and fall~
sory ak mencarut lebey
colourful spotlight that light up my whole life!

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